2023 special Collection - Spacy Swish

Imagination of how the flower in space would be

2022 Indoor Collection - Europe

Inspired By Europe countries and cities, staying in Europe for 2 months designing swish style swimwear 

2021 Spa & Pool Collection - Capsule

Monotone colors with geometric patterns For fall and winter, hotel spas and pools

2021 Indoor Collection - 2nd Drop

Staying with an ironic mood _ Unique but also simple, modern and chic, Swish's new style has been reinterpreted by using several kinds of blue colors.

2021 Indoor Collection - 1st Drop

The First Indoor Vacance Wear  

The new 2021 collections rises up with some swimwear you might have never seen before, Showing you an ironic mood, Unique but also simple, modern and chic.